Sunday, April 1, 2012

20th Century Minor League (baseball)

By Keith Antigiovanni
Today's post looks at the winners of these "minor" leagues in the first five years of the 20th century
An important note is that these leagues were independent and professional yet still considered "minor" in the early 1900's.
There will be regular posts of Minor League champions of the:
1) Texas League
2) American Association
3) Southern Association
4) Pacific Coast League

Texas League pennant winners
1902: Corsicana
1903: Dallas                       Dallas over Waco to win playoff title
1904: Fort Worth

American Association pennant winners
1902:  Indianapolis
1903:  St. Paul
1904:  St. Paul

Southern Association pennant winners
1901:  Tennessee
1902:  Tennessee
1903:  Memphis                 Little Rock over Memphis to win playoff title
1904:  Memphis

Pacific Coast League pennant winners
1903:   Los Angeles Angels
1904:   Tacoma Tigers

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