Friday, October 16, 2009

Democrats (House) running for re-election in 2010: 74 seats

South- 21 seats
Bobby Bright- Alabama
Parker Griffith-Alabama
Marion Berry-Arkansas
Vic Snyder- Arkansas
Allen Boyd- Florida
Alan Grayson- Florida ( compared health care with the Holocaust)
Ron Klein- Florida
Suzanne Kosmas-Florida
Jim Marshall- Georgia
John Barrow- Georgia (Bluedog)
Charlie Melancon- Louisiana
Travis Childers- Mississipppi
Larry Kissell- North Car
Health Shuler- North Car
Bart Gordon- Tennessee (Bluedog)
Chet Edwards- Texas
Ciro Rodriguez- Texas
Glenn Nye- Va
Tom Perriello- Va
Rick Boucher- Va (Bluedog)
Gerald Connolly- Va

West-17 seats
John Salazar- Colorado
Betsy Markey-Colorado (said that we have no choice to pay more taxes for healthcare)
Jerry McNerney-ca
Dennis Cardoze- ca
Loretta Sanchez-ca
Ann Kirkpatrick- AZ
Harry Mitchell-AZ
Gabrielle Giffords- AZ
Neil Abercrombie- Hawaii
Walt Minnick- Idaho
Rina Titus- Nevada
Martin Heinrich- New Mexico
Harry Teague- New Mexico
Timothy Bishop- New Mexico
Pete DeFazio- Oregon
Kurt Shrader- Oregon
Brian Baird- Washington

Northeast- 19 seats
Joe Courtney- CT
Jim Himes- CT
Christopher Murphy-CT
Frank Kratovil- Maryland
Mark Schauer- Maryland
Carol Shea-Porter- New Hampshire (State Univ that ordered the American Flag taken down)
Paul Hodes- New Hampshire
John Adler- New Jersey
Michael McMahon- New York
John Hall- New York
Scott Murphy- New York
Michael Arcuri- New York
Daniel Maffei- New York
Kath Dahlkemper- PA
Jason Altimire-PA
Joe Sestak-PA
Christopher Carney-PA
Paul Kanjorski-PA
John Murtha-PA

Deborah Halvorson (from the corrupt state of Illinois)
Foster- Illinois
Donnelly- Indiana
Baron Hill-Indiana(Bluedog)
David Loebsack- Iowa
Leonard Boswell- Iowa
Dennis Moore- Kansas
Gary Peters- Michigan
Timothy Walz- Michigan
Ike Skelton- Missouri
Luetkemeyer- Missouri
Bobby Kilroy- Ohio
John Boccieri- Ohio
Zachary Space- Ohio
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin-South dakota
Ron Kind- Wisconsin
Steve Kagen-Wisconsin

Monday, October 5, 2009

updates of non-ESPN teams

Because of the coverage and bias of ESPN by its regional teams (NY, Bos, Pha, Pitt, etc)
There is an update and discussion of teams outside that area.

2009 Week 4 update: South central area
Dallas had a tough contest with the Broncos and fell to 2-2
Houston beat Oakland 29-6 to improve its record to 2-2
Tennessee fell again to Jacksonville 37-17 and are now 0-4
New Orleans won again over the ESPN Jets and are now 4-0

Texas had a winning yr for the second time in the 2000s with a 87-75 record
Houston finished 74-88 but finished with a winning record for the 2000s with 832.5 wins

College football:
Teams of this region are having excellent yrs thus far:
Texas is an undefeated 4-0
Texas Tech is 3-2 after a win over New Mexico
Houston is 4-1 after a defeat to UTEP
Tennessee Vols 2-3 dropped its contest against Auburn as they continue to struggle
Alabama 5-0 in Nick Saban's third yr
lsu 5-0 pulled off a big win over Ga on sat and will face Florida this sat
Alabama's instate rival Auburn is 5-0 after a big win over the Vols on sat
Oklahoma State
Ole Miss
Miss St
So Miss

Monday, August 24, 2009

Government takeover of the CIA

Well, folks

While our brave Obama is on "vacation" to clear his empty head his Attorney General Eric Holder is going to re-open the investigation on CIA Interogation techniques of terrorists.

In other words the Obama regime is going to cost the taxpayers more money and reform the interogation techniques on terrorists making it more difficult to protect the USA from a future terrorist attack.

We've had Govt takeover of the banking industry, automotive industry, attempted takeover of the healthcare industry and now a takeover of the CIA.

This is of course is part of the latest and unfortunate trend to be compassionate and humane towards terrorists which includes

1) Scotland releasing the Lockerbie terrorist

2) Obama re-locating the Guantanamo Bay prisoners for no apparent reason other than to appease the terrorists

3) reforming the interogation against terrorists so it much more humane and most likely much more ineffective when it comes to preventing a terrorist attack

We've seen this before in 1995 when the Clinton regime cut the CIA budget continuously while Al Qaeda built its terror networks in the post-cold war era.

Once again, according to the polls, most of the nation is against the Obama regime reforming interogation techniques on terrorists and...

Once again, the Obama regime and the Democrats are ignoring the American people

Remember this the next time or any time a Democrat runs for office because we know what they will do and ignore their false campaign promises.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama in Mexico

Our brave President Obama is visiting Mexico this wkd. Hopefully he will do something the flow of illegal aliens coming into the country and eliminate the NAFTA agreement to keep American jobs in America.

202 days in office and no change with NAFTA even though he campaigned on the message of "change."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Democrat Thugs

Obama wants his thugs to intimidate the American people at the Town Hall meetings and not allow them to exercise free speech.

"I dont want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clear up the mess."

Obama is accusing the American people of creating this mess. First of all the politicians need to realize that they are elected by us to do what we want them to not the other way around or they will be recalled.

One democrat wrote in that he cant wait until the Union workers beat up the senior citizens who are protesting at the meetings. That type of stuff shouldnt happen in the USA, thats the kind of stuff that goes on in Iran.

If the Union workers attempt to do this they will be quickly surrounded by the American people at these events and you can bet the news will cover this.

As Americans, are we going to be intimidated by the government or their goons? Are we going to beaten into submission the way China, Iran or the old Soviet Union would do to their people if they disagreed with the government?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Democrats Want More Taxpayer money thru "Cash for Clunkers"

A day after the Democrats promised to force their Govt Healthcare Bill down the throats of the American People despite an overwhelming majority against it, the Democrats have promised to pass an extension for the "Cash For Clunkers" program by adding another 2 Billion dollars in taxpayer money after the first Billion ran out after one week.

Whether or not it passes the Democrats will continue to ignore the will of the American people and will also continue to dig their own grave when American voters cast their ballots in 2010 and 2012.