Friday, June 4, 2010

Obama Administration:Corruption

When Obama was campaigning in 2007-2008 he consistently used the "C"word= change. Change was Obama's selling point throughout the campaign but too many Americans the word "change" is vague and generic.

After 500 days in office it appears as if Obama has brought his vision of what "change" meant and that is another "C" word- CORRUPTION.

The Obama administration used Chicago-style politics to "coerce" elected officials to vote for "OBAMACARE" without even reading what was in the bill but all that mattered to the elected officials who voted YES on OBAMACARE was what they got out of the deal.

There is also recent news about the Obama administration admitting they tried to offer jobs to Joe Sestak in PA and Abramoff in Colorado to drop out of their Senate race to avoid running against the Obama allied Senators already in place.

Now, there needs to be an investigation into this type of political-business.
Whether you are conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc. This type of back-door politics has no place in America and must not be allowed.

However because the media is no longer the watchdog for the American people the American people must take it upon themselves to pressure their elected officials to investigate the Sestak and Abramoff situations.

Contact your elected officials and demand an Investigation until they do their job and Investigate.

The American people will settle for nothing less.