Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrats who voted for Obamacare who are up for re-election in 2010:

Bright- Alabama
Giffords- Az
McNerney- Ca
Cardoza- Ca
Costa- Ca
Sanchez- Ca
Salazar- Co
Markey- Co
Himes- Vt
C Murphy- Conn
Boyd- Fla
Grayson- Fla
Klein- Fla
Kosmas- Fla
Bean- Il
Foster- Il
Donnelly- In
Ellsworth- In
Hill- In
Braley- Iowa
Loebsack- Iowa
Boswell- Iowa
Moore- Ks
Yarmuth- Ky
Kagen- WI
Obey- WI
Kind- WI
Rahall- WV
Baird- Wa
Larsen- Wa
Perriello- Va
Rodriguez- Tx
Edwards- Tx
Gordon- Tn
Herseth Sandlin- SD
Spratt- South Car
Kennedy- RI
Kanjorski- Pa
Carney- Pa
P Murphy- Pa
Sestak- Pa
Dahlkemper- Pa
Schrader- Oregon
Boccieri- Oh
Kilroy- Oh
Sutton- Oh
Wilson- Oh
Driehaus- Oh
Pomeroy- ND
Maffei- Ny
Owens- Ny
S Murphy- Ny
Hall- Ny
Bishop- Ny
Heinrich- Nm
Adler- Nj
Hodes- Nj
Shea-Porter- Nh
Titus- Nv
Carnahan- Mo
Walz- Mn
Peters- Mich
Schauer- Mich
Delahunt- Md

Contact these people everyday until the election and remind them that we havent forgotten