Monday, August 24, 2009

Government takeover of the CIA

Well, folks

While our brave Obama is on "vacation" to clear his empty head his Attorney General Eric Holder is going to re-open the investigation on CIA Interogation techniques of terrorists.

In other words the Obama regime is going to cost the taxpayers more money and reform the interogation techniques on terrorists making it more difficult to protect the USA from a future terrorist attack.

We've had Govt takeover of the banking industry, automotive industry, attempted takeover of the healthcare industry and now a takeover of the CIA.

This is of course is part of the latest and unfortunate trend to be compassionate and humane towards terrorists which includes

1) Scotland releasing the Lockerbie terrorist

2) Obama re-locating the Guantanamo Bay prisoners for no apparent reason other than to appease the terrorists

3) reforming the interogation against terrorists so it much more humane and most likely much more ineffective when it comes to preventing a terrorist attack

We've seen this before in 1995 when the Clinton regime cut the CIA budget continuously while Al Qaeda built its terror networks in the post-cold war era.

Once again, according to the polls, most of the nation is against the Obama regime reforming interogation techniques on terrorists and...

Once again, the Obama regime and the Democrats are ignoring the American people

Remember this the next time or any time a Democrat runs for office because we know what they will do and ignore their false campaign promises.


  1. two things....

    1. according to US media - the administration asked for him not to be released. with his release, it goes to show how little influence the US has abroad, even with the world tours and all of the apologizing. how is the US going to get support for more troops in Afghanistan when it can't even use it's influence to keep one terrosist in jail?

    2. with the White House overseeing CIA interogation stuff - no longer will things be done with the country's best interest in mind - instead decisions will be made for political reason. so the white house has decided to create another department - just how big will our federal government become?

  2. Excellent points West,

    What is also shows you about Obama's foreign relations is that:

    1) Obama has no little or no influence with foreign countries or our allies

    2) Obama is very popular with foreign countrues and allies

    What that adds up to is that popularity does not equal respect or power with the rest of the world

    President Bush was very unpopular with foreign countries yet commanded much more respect and wielded more power internationally.

    Besides, what matters is how popular the US President is with the American people not with foreign countries.

    Maybe Obama should run for a foreign office then he doesnt have to produce his birth certificate.

  3. his next position will be the the UN Secretary General.......then he can control the UN and in his mind, control the world......

  4. The UN did a great job in "Hotel Rhwanda" and is doing a fine job in the "Darfur" region.