Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MLB Standings thru 11 weeks

MLB Standings thru 11 weeks
By Keith Antigiovanni

With the College World Series set to begin at Omaha this saturday their Major League counterparts are still one month away from the All Star Break in July.

The NL West continues to be a stalemate with the surprising Arizona Diamondbacks only 1.5 games out of first with a chance to take first place if they can beat the Giants the next two games at home. As surprising as the Diamondbacks have been the Rockies have been disappointing at 6 games back with a 32-35 record. The rudderless Dodgers (8 games back) and low payroll Padres (9 games back) bring up the rear.

The defending AL Champion Texas Rangers still lead the AL West by two games but have very inconsistent thus far this season. The Angels have won their past two games and are 3.5 games out but have been inconsistent as well.

Due to poor weekend St Louis has found themselves tied for first in the NL Central and have also been inconsistent by sweeping their opponents and then getting swept. Pujols has yet to break out of his slump despite recent flashes of his old self. The Astros continue to struggle and appear to be going nowhere.

The KC Royals are fourth place in the mediocre AL Central and have won two straight games but are still 7 games behind. The once proud Royals franchise have not had a winning season since 2003 and not won their division since 1985.

The Atlanta Braves have taken sole control of second place in the NL East after they swept Florida and took 3 of 4 from Houston the past week while the "Small-Market disease" has struck the Marlins who are now in fourth place and 8.5 games out.

The defending AL East champion Tampa Rays are in third place behind the usual big market clubs in their division and if they have any hopes of making the playoffs must go on a long winning streak to overcome the teams in front of them. Because they are small market they have some long odds against them. The win over Boston on tuesday may help jumpstart a new winning streak.

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