Sunday, June 26, 2011

AAA Standings

By Keith Antigiovanni

Updates on AAA standings will be a new feature on this blog although I am new to it. For the true baseball fan it will be interesting update to see how your teams' AAA club is progressing or if you are a fan of the AAA club feel free to talk about your team. Either way, AAA and soon to be AA and independent league updates will be new topics on here.

First, there are two AAA baseball leagues the International League (IL) and the Pacific Coast League (PCL). The IL has 14 teams and the PCL has 16 teams. Each league is divided into divisions. The IL consists of 3 and the PCL has 4.

The division leaders thus far in the IL are Durham in the Southern Division (41-34), Columbus in the West (52-24) and Lehigh Valley (44-32) in the North.

The division leaders in the PCL are Omaha in the American Conference North (41-36), Round Rock in the American Conference South (43-33). The Pacific Conference North leader is Reno at 45-32 and Sacramento in the South ( 50-27).

After each league finishes its playoffs there will be a AAA World Series between the champions of the two leagues that was held in 1998-2000 and 2006-present.

The previous champions are:
1998 New Orleans PCL
1999 Vancouver PCL
2000 Indianapolis IL
2006 Tucson PCL
2007 Sacramento PCL
2008 Sacramento PCL
2009 Durham IL
2010 Columbus IL

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