Thursday, June 2, 2011

MLB Standings after 9 weeks

MLB Standings After 9 Weeks
By Keith Antigiovanni

The NL West race remains tight with the surprising Arizona Diamondbacks only half game out of first place with the disappointing Colorado Rockies in third place and 4.5 games out. The Dodgers are in fourth place at 5.5 games out while the Padres are 7.5 games in last place.

The AL West also remains tight with the defending American League champion Texas Rangers two games up over the Seattle Mariners.

The St Louis Cardinals continue to lead the NL Central while the suddenly resurgent Houston Astros have won 4 straight but continue to reside in last place.

The Kansas City Royals have dropped to fourth place at 9 games behind.

The Florida Marlins and Atlanta Braves are in second and third place respectively in the NL East race. Florida at 2 games behind while Atlanta is 3.5 games behind.

The small market Tampa Bay Rays are now in third place behind the big market Red Sox and Yankees at 3 games behind.

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