Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Classic NFL Game: 1982 Playoffs

Its hard to believe that its been two months since the last blog entry but I wanted to review a classic NFL game that I had never seen in its entirety and only a few minutes.

On youtube I found the 1982 St Louis Cardinals/ Green Bay Packers first round playoff game during the strike season when 16 teams made the postseason in a nine game regular season.

This was the first time that not all the playoff games were shown in each market because of the number of games in the first round that were being shown four at a time. Locally we received the Detroit Lions/Washington Redskins game but as that became a blowout CBS switched to the Cardinals/Packers Green Bay just scored to take a 21-3 lead forcing CBS to switch back to the other blowout.

Tim Ryan and Johnny Morris called the Cardinal/Packer game while Dick Stockton/Roger Staubach called the Lion/Redskin game. St Louis was in its first playoff game since 1976 while Green Bay was in its first since 1972. The Cards were led by Coach Jim Hanifan and quarterback Neil Lomax while the Pack was coached by Bart Starr and quarterbacked by Lynn Dickey.

This game represented the Golden Age of CBS Sports coverage of NFL as the graphics had improved and featured the early 1980's intro. No constant scores, no fantasy updates, no obnoxious graphics or sound effects. St Louis actually outgained Green Bay in total yardage while the Packers won big 41-16.

The Cards would not return to the postseason until 1998 while the Packers would not return until 1993.

There are over 2128 regular season games and 96 postseason games from the 1980's that the NFL Network needs to show instead of the same old news and top 10 lists.

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